School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore

The School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore is a great example of a contemporary building which is not only sustainable but also eco sensitive and flows into its surroundings. With an high tec internal with facilities such as Stop Motion Studio, 3-D Hi-End Computer Graphics Studio, Soundstage, Sound Recording Studios, Audio Visual Editing Suites, Hi-End Digital Post Studio etc it should only be right to be as high tec and up to date externally. But it is not only high tec that matters, the basics are just as important. The internal shows concrete walls and colums, cement-sand screeded floors, timber railings and a natural palette, which also has to be proved all the way to the external walls.

This high performance building with its curved glass facade is oriented north and south to reduce the solar gain and heat load. The curved building allows the courtyard to seduce the glass facade with features of reflection though water and plants, which gives a distinct feeling of endlessness. But the most noticeable green instrument in this beautifully worked out building is the turfed roof that blends into the lush greenery and the surroundings. Not only does this lovely landscaped roof give a scenic external communal space, but the green roof lowers both the roof temperature and ambient temperature hence reduces the heat gain to the air conditioned building.

There is also an integrated water collection system fitted on the green roof for irrigation. The rain sensors are installed on the green roof to automate the irrigation process whereby irrigation is ceased when it rains.
This gives a sense of the ultimate combination; whilst high tec and innovation is a must for sustainable thinking, going back to the basics are just as important for a sustainable future.


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