Sustainable design; so much more then Eco Design

Sustainable design embraces the main interdependent and indivisible areas of environmental protection, economic development and social development:

environmental protection – Ecosystem intgrity, carrying capacity, biodervsity
Includes redusing waste, effluent generations, emissions to envirnoment, reduse the impact on human health, increase the use of renewable raw materials and elimination of the toxic substances.
Sub-theme: Global, Local and site, Internal
Issues: Climate change, resources, internal environmanet, external environment, wildlife

economic development – Growth, deveopment, productivity
Includes creation of new markets and opportunities for sales growth, cost reducation through efficiency improvmentas and reduced energy and raw material inputs and creation of additinoal added value.
Sub-theme: Construction, materials, infrasturcture
Issues: Profitability, employment, productivity, transport and utilities, bulding stock value.

social development – Cultural identity, empowerment, accessibility, stability, equity
Includes wrokers health and safety, the impact on local sommunities, quality of life and benefits to disadvantaged groups.
Sub-theme: Equit, community
Issues: Poverty, minorities, inner cities, transport, communications

This is exactlly what I wanna talk about in "talk about eco stuff" .


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